Rafael Muñoz Gómez

Rafael Muñoz Gómez


About Me

For more than twenty years I have had the opportunity to support, as an investor, many companies in different sectors. The most valuable lesson from this experience has been to be truly aware that companies are nothing without the people who make them up. It is the people who determine with their actions, principles and values, day by day, the evolution of the business in the long term.

After experiencing various situations, successes and failures, I have come to the conclusion that there are no good or bad sectors, but there are excellent managers who have been able to lead projects with spectacular results regardless of the tremendous difficulties a given sector may be going through.

I believe that some of the qualities shared by all those managers who have been successful in the long term are: honesty and a firm belief in what they are doing, always looking for a positive impact on society.

I had the opportunity to study my degree with Jorge, the founder of Continua, so when I learned about the projects he was promoting, within the renewable energy sector, I had no hesitation in supporting Continua’s growth, proposing the entry into new countries at the hands of my brother Sergio, who had great experience and presence in Latin America. Jorge and his brother Pablo combined those qualities that, as I had seen on other occasions, would make Continua a successful project: honesty and blind faith in what they were doing, within a sector that would positively determine the future of our planet.

Personal Experience

Degree in Business Administration and Management (CUNEF)
He is currently a Partner at MCH Private Equity, one of the leading private equity funds in Spain. He joined MCH in 1999 and since then has carried out various investment and support operations in the growth of different companies such as Qualytel, Televida or Altafit.

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