Renewable Energies

We create value for the environment

At Continua Energías Positivas we are committed to promoting renewable energies as the main source of energy, clean and inexhaustible. We generate energy in a sustainable way, taking care and respecting the environment.

Continua Energías Positivas is established in countries all over the world developing sustainable projects based on the fundamental pillars of quality, safety and reliability of investors.

Our Projects in Peru (460 MW)

This video explains some of the projects we are building in the Arequipa Region, the best solar radiation area in the world.


Continua in numbers

At Continua Energías Positivas we work every day to identify, develop and execute projects of difference types of renewable energies, being photovoltaic energy on an industrial scale our main asset. We identify greenfield projects as well as those in the development phase and take care of their execution.

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of solar energy in RTB
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of projects in development

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Large companies trust Continua Energías Positivas as their partner in the renewable energy sector

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