Gabriel Concha Llorente

Gabriel Concha Llorente

Country Manager Colombia

About Me

We are at a moment in history when not even the kings of recent feudalism could have imagined the powers we have given ourselves through technology. The ability to build towers of titanic height, ships that could in one carry the entire army of the kingdom, machines that fly overhead and triple the speed of an arrow, or devices the size of a hand that deliver the divine power of ubiquity and carry the entire knowledge of humanity to be accessed in seconds. At the heart of technological advances is a power, the greatest power of all, the power that has built from the hand of ingenuity everything that guides the life of modern humans today: electrical energy. It is for me an honor and a pride to be able to be part of the pillar of our progress, to be part of this economic sector in which without realizing it we sustain the world as Atlas did on his shoulders.

Personal Experience

Professional in business administration from the Universidad de los Andes with excellent level of English, analytical skills and ability to synthesize. Outstanding assertive communication and critical thinking skills. Has worked in Investment Funds and Public Companies.

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